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Sep 7 12 4:46 PM

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Greetings to all you lovely Germantowners.I have good news for you.I am throwing in my hat in the upcoming presidential race.With help from JBS and his gangster acquaintances,I have established The Friends Of Germantown political party.We don't lean to the left or right,and not sure where the hell we lean.Our mission is real change and hope.No lies,no bullshit,no oratory with teleprompters.We plan to walk the walk !

My qualifications are as follows;MA in Nuttology at the Robert Guarinello school of hard knocks,Happy Hollow University,1954; Economics,Villanova university,1960.Street smarts unmatched by any of the other presidential candidates.Thick skin and big gullyounes.Never been intimidated in my entire life.

My weaknesses are as follows;can be rude,crude and socially unacceptable,but trying hard to be socially correct;Get pissed off when the Phillies,Eagles,Sixers,and Flyers lose;Hate the Yankees,Cowboys,and Lakers(used to be the Celtics) with all my heart;Have no patience when the GPS lady says,"recalculate."

I think I can turn this country around in 100 days by kicking ass,if elected.I need your support.We will have a rally on Sat.Sept.8 at Germantown and Chelten Avenues,10 a.m.Cheese steaks with sauce and onions,Hoagies with hot peppers,and pepperoni pizza's will be provided.BYOB,and don't forget your checkbooks.

I am accepting applications for my VP.If you have a tendency to put your foot in your mouth,please do not apply.If interested,please respond to this site.

If elected,I plan to have a cabinet full of Germantowners.I will try to persuade Catherine Manning Muir to be my Secretary of State.She knows how to kick ass,and will do a number on Vladimir Puton,and those wierdo's running Iran and North Korea.If she declines my invitation,Prof. Jim or Rosemarie Rinaldi have great credentials and are not afraid to tell it like it is.To save money,I will only have one czar in my administration.I have known Balls Berditsky since my college days at Nova,and let me tell you,he is one tough dude.He will put the fear of God on Congress if they pussy-foot around while debating issues.If available,Prof.Jim will be our ambassador to Ireland.He might prevent Ireland from default ?

Last,but not least,I plan to make major cuts in defense and non-defense spending.I plan to allocate billions of dollars in the revitalization of our beloved Germantown.I will repeal Obamacare,and replace it with a single payor system,run efficiently by private insurance companies.No way will I allow the federal gov't to screw it up.
I will bring real reform to our tax code,by putting in place a simple one page tax return,and eliminate all the deductions and tax shelters.

I'm Paul Borian,and I approve this message.

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Sep 7 12 4:53 PM

I'm Paul Borian,and I approve this message.

You got my vote! You sound like the best candidate that money can buy. I will vote early and often for you!

John Fleming Florida's favorite uncle Uncle Johnny

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Sep 7 12 5:06 PM

Paul Borian aka The Bore (tee-hee),

I am respectfully requesting  to be considered as your campaign manager.  You have the right message for the people and I want in!  I say, let's kick ass and take names later.   We can renovate Rowells as our White House.

Hollow Girl


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Sep 7 12 5:29 PM

Campaign Manager, you got's to be kidden me.You are my leading candidate for VP,Hollow Girl.You got what it takes.Besides,anyone who climbed the Hollow rocks has no fear of any politician.Also,I would like for you to write my acceptance speech.
President Bore,what more could you ask for.

P.S.    The Sax was,and still is,my favorite instrument.If only I had taken lessons in my Hollow days,I would give Bill Clinton a run for the money.

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Sep 7 12 10:23 PM

John Bruce Schmitt- West Germantown: My first thoughts were to campaign for Treasury Secretary, as its my firm belief that cabinet position is the most powerful, or at least has more of a direct effect on the country. The whole country really lives and dies with the interest rate!  I will graciously concede that position to Mr McGlinchey as it appears he might be better qualified to handle all aspects of finance, especially taxes.  My expertise is basically centered around making money from investments.  I have never really been that concerned with taxes, in fact I wish I had to pay more taxes, as it would mean I was making more money from my investments!

Yes, Secretary of Transportation sounds most intriguing!  The first thing I  would do, would be to start a program to bring the Japanese "Bullet Trains" to the US, and reinstate the old Orange Blossom Special line!

File:Seaboard Airline Railroad Orange Blossom Special 1939.JPG

Imagine going from Tampa to Philly in about 6-7 hours!  I could come back to Philly for weekend visits, and take in a Phillies or Eagles game.

My next order of business would be to bring back fins, big ones,

and chrome, lots of it on cars. 

I would make raccoon tails from antenna's

and fuzzy dice

mandatory!  Where do I sign up for the job?

John Fleming Florida's favorite uncle Uncle Johnny

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Sep 8 12 4:32 AM

"What about me! I'm smart. Not like everybody thinks."

John Payne

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Sep 8 12 4:36 AM

Over the years I have occasionaly placed a bet on teams that turned out to be dogs.

John Payne

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Sep 8 12 4:50 AM

Fellow Germantowners;

Thank you for your interest and comments regarding my presidential campaign.I have a good idea on who should be members of my cabinet.I must run these names through Fran,my wife and advisor.Right now she is rowing her single skul on the Delaware River in Lambertville,NJ.When I get her blessings,I will announce my selections to the Cabinet.

Happy days are here again (almost ) on this site.

Remember,vote for Paul Borian(AKA  Bor,Bore,Tall Paul,Strap,Slugger,Lawn Guy,Downhill Skier,and Country Boy)

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Sep 8 12 4:59 AM

Bor! I'm jealous of Fran. I've always wanted to row in a skul on the Schulkill. That sounds like a fun day. Where does one get a skul? Does your wife have her own?

John Payne

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Sep 8 12 5:02 AM

I have big plans for you on my administrative team.I will need your help to get this great country back on track.My wife Fran has been Secretary of Steak for as long as I have known her.Her specialty is Black Angus Strip.Sorry.

Don't forget to encourage all residents of The Villages to vote for Bor,Bore,or whatever.

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#11 [url]

Sep 8 12 5:22 AM

She has her own skul and takes great care of it,like I used to do with my cars so that they could last ten years or so.When Fran retired in 2004 after many,many years of hard work of 12 hour days,and big time contributions to our Piggy Bank,I decided that she needed to be rewarded for her efforts.The Van Dusen Skul cost $ 8,000 and is top of the line.It is 28 ft.long and only weighs 26 pounds.She deserved more so I also bought her a Honda sport car (S2K) So each morning,weather permitting,she hops in her little sports car,for her 25 minute drive to lambertville,listening to the horrendous traffic report,and thanking God for her retirement.Have to leave now for it is time to mow the lawn,fertilize,so that the grass will grow quicker,so that I can mow again in 5 days.Not complaining because in 90 days it will be BORIAN TIME on the slopes.

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