Sep 6 12 11:21 AM

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Sunny today so far up here in the higher elevations of the Poconos. My latest tip for anybody that wants to is this; A scenic Boat Tour of Lake Wallenpaupack. It's season is over now but next year you should put this on your bucket list of things to do. It is a glorified catamaran, flat boat with an overhang and a charming Captain who is still in college. The University of Scranton. Charming, dashing devil. A local who knows every fathom of this man made Power generating lake. Its history is interesting to say the least. In its day it powered three townships up in that general area. 42 miles of coastline and 50 foot deep. An amazing feat for its time. Our GPS took us about a block off course but we did find it. It is in Hawley, Pa. That is my tip and I am sticking with it. Jim Breen, East Seymour Street, the old days.