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Sep 6 12 9:24 AM

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I've come to a road block in my family history search, and am asking for help if you could. My dads born in 1923, and raised in Germantown in the early 1900's..Surname Morgan. My dad William Morgans parents were Wilhelmenia (Minnie), and William (Butts) Morgan. Minnies parents were William, and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bowers.. They came from Germany. If these names sound familiar to anyone..please let me know. I am at a brick wall with them. Thanks :) Pattie

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Sep 6 12 10:00 AM


Have you tried I have been amazed at what I found there. Trying to trace my Irish ancestors, I hit a brick wall only two generations back, but discovered Dutch and German ancestors going back to the 1600s, before the Mayflower. FWIW, there's a special deal on right now, $49 for a six-month membership. Might be worth the investment.


Catherine Manning Muir

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