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Sep 5 12 6:08 PM

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Joe_P,  As a youngster growing up near Seminole Hall, I was more interested in the kids that lived among the several families occupying the Hall's ground floor than your uncle who owned it.  Sad to say, he never came up on my radar, not even during my teen years when friends and I would 'sneak' into wedding receptions for a little of Lou Giorno music, white wedding cake and always some of those ubiquitous roast beef with Au jus sauce. sandwiches that every reception seemed to serve, be it at the Masonic Hall on Germantown Ave. or the VFW on Chelten Ave.  It just didn't seem like a proper reception without this combo back in the day.  I wonder if newlyweds still drive around town, honking their horns and dragging dozens of cans behind their car?  Sometimes, some wise guy would stick a condom on the couple's exhaust; this always drew embarrassing laughter when the couple escaped for their honeymoon...down-the- Shore, or, budget permitting, to Bermuda.  BTW, it seems to me that a Manzo attended St Vincent's, not in my class, perhaps in one of the brother's. 
I do have a funny story that connects Seminole Hall with our family...but that's for another time.
Kevin McKernan

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Sep 8 12 5:54 AM

Lived in Seminole Hall from birth until the age of 14,Rember the wedding receptions and not being able to sleep with hundreds of dancers over my room.Remember when ownership changed.Believe it or not they gave my cousan and I and some other kids Muskets when they moved out.Remember you .I think you had a brother Bernie who used VO 5 on his hair ,and I think you also had a brother named Jimmy and a sister that got sun poisoning one summer.I also remember .Mickey Hansberry ,Buddy who ate at our house a lot .(My mom felt sorry for him)and his two brothers Johnny and .I also remember Wild Man ( Billy Chambbers) Tyrone Brisban,Johnny Lindmar,Billy Dudley ,Cohen's corner store and a lot of other things.I remember your whole family walked with a little hop.ELVIS

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