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Sep 6 12 3:20 PM

Well said, ChurchLaneLad.  (Now in Roscommon?)

First, about taxes. I do a lot of work for a translation company in Washington DC and pay US income tax and FICA on my earnings. I also pay tax here in Australia on my earnings here. As you correctly noted, there are tax agreements in place between the two countries to avoid double-taxation.

With reference to so-called exercise of free speech, what I've seen is zenophobia, narrow-mindedness, simplistic solutions to complex problems, ignorance and denial of the rights of others while steadfastly clinging to one's own rights. The words 'Neaderthal', 'mysogyny' and 'reactionary' come to mind. As much as it annoys me and wastes my time to acknowledge, refute and protest those diatribes and their corollaries on this blog, it has to be done. All that is required for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing, someone said. There is still a place for the voice of reason.

One of the bloggers complained I didn't say anything about the RNC, which I watched. Funny thing, that. It was a non-event, black-and-white in a technicolor world. Very telling of the values of the candidates and their supporters. An excellent example of the abuse of free speech was Clint Eastwood's rambling discourse with a chair, in which he not only showed disrespect for the Office of The President of the United States and the man who holds it, but also made a fool of himself before millions in the process, so much the fool that he didn't even know it. That the organizers didn't vet his speech beforehand shows how incompetent the organization is and how dismissive it is of the intelligence and sensibilities of the delegates and viewing audience. I've always admired Eastwood's work but now I see him for what he is: an old man who's past it, who's stepped out of his area of expertise and tried to pass off celebrity as wisdom. You see, when people behave badly, others know it. Often they don't let on, but they recognize a bully, a blow-hard, a person who abuses the platform provided for their free speech. Free speech is like a weapon that can be used for good or evil. It's wise to follow the doctors' oath when opening one's mouth or taking to a keyboard: do no harm.

As for Romney, I declare myself to be 100% anti. He has shown the color of his eyes, meaning that we know from his behavior what his values are. Besides, and for me, most important, he doesn't come across as very intelligent, merely manipulative and clever instead. He has the look of a deer caught in the headlights and his wife came across as a shrill-voiced Barbie doll. I was never going to vote for him, so it doesn't matter what I think of them after their performances last week. If elected, he can be expected to do to the USA what he did to companies he acquired at Bain Capital. After he's finished ripping the guts out of the middle class and the poor, he'll have his big pension, travel benefits etc and live happily ever after, leaving us poor mugs in the dust. I need say no more.

I'll be watching PBS NewsHour again this afternoon (it's on in the daytime here because we are 14 hours ahead of U.S. East Coast time). The way the lead-up has been progressing, I expect to hear a lot of policy in the President's speech.

(not 'Cathy Baby' or 'Dearest Catherine'!)
just plain 'Catherine'

Catherine Manning Muir

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Sep 6 12 4:26 PM

I know I'm not the only one who can clearly see how polarizing our Australian friend can be. Sad. Enjoy the forum. I'd rather stare at a wall than read the condescending nonsense that immediately rises to the surface whenever she is around. Oh, and the victimization! How pitiful.

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#43 [url]

Sep 6 12 4:32 PM

Hold on there churchlanelad, (why not post your real name?) While admittedly I got this big free for all started with my initial comment concerning my questioning someone being a proud American while living in a foreign country. I only posted a couple of more replies, in the hopes of further explaining my question.  Where did get the impression of how my thinking “would take us back to time when we had few civil rights”. Care to share with the rest of us, what comment I made to make you think this? I just reviewed my most recent posts, and I fail to see where I could have made you think your thoughts concerning me,and my political thoughts.

John Fleming Florida's favorite uncle Uncle Johnny

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#44 [url]

Sep 6 12 4:44 PM

Churchlad - I said none of that. None of that is my stated position. Somehow, you misinterpreted and misconstrued EVERYTHING I stated here. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to rehash all that just for your understanding. The posted thoughts and words are clear enough.............Dennis McGlinchey

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#45 [url]

Sep 6 12 4:52 PM

That is too funny!!! ChurchLad gets everything wrong in his interpretation and in his response, yet Cathy applauds with a "well said!"..... What would the gusher have been if he actually said something right!..........Dennis McGlinchey

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#46 [url]

Sep 6 12 5:01 PM

Congratulations Catherine, You have come back to this site like gangbusters with your free speech and liberal political views.Nice job ! There is only about a dozen or so bloggers left on this site, and you are doing your best to bring this site to an end. As I said before,there was a period of harmony on this site until Hurricane Catherine came roaring up the coast. Personally,I hope you get pissed off again and exit quietly.You are a natural for facebook where you can bare your soul and tout your accomplishments.It's growing old Catherine on this site. Just like President Obama,you are doing your best to divide and conquer.You know,I don't like the agenda of the Democratic Party.I spend a lot of time on the internet and am exposed to fair amount of trash talk and lies about both political parties.Several of my family members,good friends and acquaintances are liberals.It didn't take me long to avoid confrontations with them regarding differences in our political views.I do my best to share my moderate and conservative views with those who are on the same page as I.I'm a quick learner Catherine,unlike you.Don't you realize that you are agitating some of the bloggers on this site.That's spelled AGITATE. Personally,I think that you have too much time on your hands for a working girl. Paul Borian,but you can call me Bor or any other name that best describes me.

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#48 [url]

Sep 6 12 5:36 PM

You got the wrong guy Cathy Baby ! John Flemming is the car guy and JBS is the expert on bars and resturants.I'm the jock from Happy Hollow,but hung up my jock strap about 40 years ago.I never got into cars and bars. Cheers from Doylestown, Bor

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#49 [url]

Sep 6 12 5:38 PM

Now I know who they modeled the Wicked Witch of the West after! Catherine, you are a mean spirited, self important, woman. I'm glad we are not on the same continent. I will keep you in my prayers and hope you find some peace in your heart.

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#51 [url]

Sep 6 12 5:53 PM

Catherine Manning Muir,

Thank you for the spelling lesson, and the subsequent flashback to when I sat in grade school, with a nun correcting us all the time.  Oh yes, I see you want to give me an civics assignment!  Since I am a retiree living out my golden years, and out of school for 50 years, will you excuse me if I don't bother to look up "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The Constitution, Declaration of Independence etc. Allow me to also state for the record, that I have nothing against Australia or the people that live there.  I have enjoyed all the Crocodile Dundee movies,and love going to the Outback for a good juicy steak, with a Fosters beer.  I would appreciate it if you would alert me if a film concerning "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" is produced.  By the way, I would highly recommend the film "National Treasure" with Nicholas Cage and Jon Voight, boy did he come along way from being Joe Buck, in "The Midnight Cowboy", playing a street hustler in NYC, but I digress.  The film gives some nice insight to the Declaration of Independence, plus some really great shots of Philadelphia,especially around the Franklin Institute.   Another film would be "1776"  Although not completely historically  accurate, still quite entertaining, even though its somewhat lengthily.  Hey but where else could you get a history lesson set to music?

As a great man once said "There you go again!"  So here I go again.  I never said anything about your right to vote, or questioned your tax paying situation! I get blamed for enough things by my wife, I don't need any more, especially in matters that am not guilty of.  To paraphrase Hyman Roth in GodfatherII, when he landed at the Miami airport, and right before he got assassinated :  "I'm a retired investor on a pension. (and social security) I went (came) to Israel (Florida) to live there (here) as a Jew (Christian) in the twilight of my life.

Hyman Roth (Lee Strasberg) in better days in Cuba.

John Fleming Florida's favorite uncle Uncle Johnny

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#52 [url]

Sep 6 12 6:12 PM

Well, it's been very informative to see how the neighbors turned out. I'm going to put the PBS NewsHour on now and listen to some intelligent discussion. As you were.

Catherine Manning Muir

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#53 [url]

Sep 6 12 6:21 PM

Catherine, you are are just plain nasty. Put that in you Aussie pipe and smoke it. Yes, this is your former neighbor and I turned out just fine. So sorry your life turned you into a snobby bitch.

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#54 [url]

Sep 6 12 6:41 PM

Catherine, you are are just plain nasty. Put that in you Aussie pipe and smoke it. Yes, this is your former neighbor and I turned out just fine. So sorry your life turned you into a snobby bitch.


What he said!  Or as I like to say "Put a cork in it"

John Fleming Florida's favorite uncle Uncle Johnny

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#55 [url]

Sep 6 12 8:39 PM

Sir, you are no gentleman-the nuns taught us to respect women. Shame on you for disrespecting our Germantown friend-who just happens to be correct in her position.   Mr McGlinchey  would deny her the right to vote because she is on his mistaken view-not paying taxes. She does pay US taxes as she states. . Mr. Fleming  argues she should not have the right to vote because she doesn't reside in the  USA! -he shows great ignorance of law here. . Please note Dennis you said this there is no misinterpretation.  Mr. Fleming suggests she should not be allowed to vote because she is no longer in America.   I remind you she has this civil right under law and so does every other American living abroad. I say shame on both of you and also Mr Borian for rudeness. You behave ungentlemanly and show a definite attitude similar to skinhead thugs and White Supremacists.

BTW Mr Fleming I am not Churchlad but Jim McKernan, Professor in the University of East Carolina a campus of America's first free public university established at Chapel Hill in 1789. You all have embarrassed yourselves terminally and I say again 'shame".

Prof. Jim McKernan

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#56 [url]

Sep 6 12 8:58 PM

Paul Borian,
                    You and I are just a couple of Playground Guys from Germantown. We do not like to get into politics on the Forum but there are bloggers who are steeped in this topic and argue their political issues viscerally. We are both concerned about policy and Dennis from East Germantown has a penchant for Taxes. You and I are retired  but we are still paying Federal Income Taxes since we are in that 50%-group who pay taxes. Not everybbody has skin in the game when it comes to paying taxes. The President wants to raise taxes on people earning over $250,000. To support all the govt. programs,the middle-class will have to pay more in taxes. The politicians make big promises but where will all the money come from to support all these goodies for the  beneficiaries. This is a rough time to be retired since fuel and food costs are rising and not to mention taxes-local.state,and Federal. You studied business,economics,and accounting at various Institutions and are probalby aware that The Fed might push for QE3 whereby The Fed would be buying Bonds to keep interest-rates low. This will be good when the younger generation buy homes since mortgage-rates will be lower. However, this will not be good for the retired citizens who have CD'S where the interest will be paltry. If you sell an old utility-stock to raise money,you will be taxed at a higher rate. If one earns  income on dividends from stocks, you will be paying higher taxes on dividends. Medical costs are rising and hospitals are under-staffed. We should try to be more didactic in our posts and be devoid of invective commentary to our fellow-Germantowners who are not perfect but decent people. Bor! I do hope to see and talk with some of These Fine Germantowners at Michelangelo's on September 9.                    Schmitty

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#58 [url]

Sep 6 12 10:12 PM

Ok "Prof." Jim McKernan, since you have chosen to"throw down the gauntlet" with this below average student of good old CD high, allow me to answer your remarks directed toward me, with less then academic terms, which I suppose your background is used to!  First of all "professor" open you snotty nosed eyes and show me where I stated that she should not be able to vote!  It seems to me that if you want to be addressed as professor Jim or shall I say James McKernan, then use your name instead of the silly CB moniker "churchlanelad".  Just who do you think you are to make judgement and cast "shame" on anyone?  One of the many great things about getting older, is that one gains a great amount of wisdom in the real world.  You think you are the first "high on his horse" I have come across?  I found out that people like you are more like the horse, and not the front end!  Yes, I am saying you are a real horse's ass!  You also show a real lack of knowledge about people by calling me and Mr. McGlinchey skinhead thugs and White Supremacists!  How dare you make such accusations.  Hopefully one day, you will climb down from your ivory tower,and join the real world.

John Fleming Florida's favorite uncle Uncle Johnny

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#59 [url]

Sep 6 12 10:28 PM


I first got involved with Wall Street some 35 years, and throughout the years with lots of luck and some skill, I have had some relative success.  Everything you said about interests rates and how they affect seniors is right on target.  One of the ways I "give back to the community" is to help seniors and non seniors with their investments.  Without going into a long dissertation, suffice it to say, that most seniors with investment portfolios, that are not providing them with enough income, should look into two types of mutual funds.  A balanced fund that will around 2.5% dividend, plus the chance for capital gains and a high yield bond fund paying around 5%.  Maybe not that much, but the dividends are payable quarterly on the balanced funds and monthly on the high yield bond fun.  No need to wait until the low yield CD has matured.  Yes, of course there is risk, but has worked for me for so far.

John Fleming Florida's favorite uncle Uncle Johnny

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#60 [url]

Sep 7 12 4:48 AM

ChurchLad - didn't realize that your were the professor since you chose to post behind your alien moniker. Now that you revealed yourself, I will be honest here, it scares me that such an educated person who instructs, can so brutally misunderstand a simple post of mine. I can't imagine that you would purposely twist my words and meaning, so I can only assume you didn't understand the post and the message that it conveyed........Dennis McGlinchey

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