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Aug 30 12 8:53 AM

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OK--so now that we remember who "Zeke from Cabin Creek" is, who is the "Hick from French Lick"?

GI Joe P

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Aug 30 12 4:10 PM

Yo Baggs,
                 I wanted to submit that answer about larry Bird's home-town but I"m glad that a guy from Hawk Hill gave the correct answer to GI Joe. You probably  know that GI Joe is the cousin of your good friend-Dr. Joe D"Angelo. Hawk Hilllers know their basketball-not just names but the intricacy of the game and especially the zone-press. It amazes me how people can stereotype folks by dint of their poetry and vocabulary and conclude that knowledge of sports and athletics is miniscule. In my callow youth,when I was hanging at The Continental, there was a guy with a limited education who was a font of knowledge since he worked in a train-tower and read books as he waited for the trains. Bor cuts grass and I'm glad this guy did not inhale and only drank coke or the trains would not have made it on time. Frank! You are not only conversant on basketball but you are a student of baseball. I am so disappointed with The Phillies but I'm  happy that Chase is back. It has to be better next year-the pitching will be OK. Brother Ken is doing better but his days of Rock&Roll are over. There is nothing wrong with reading a good book and watching the river flow or the waves roll and the mermaids stroll. Baggs! You are a married-man and you can only look and be disrupted from your book. Is there is a book in the fire? Two of our our bloggers have done books- Jack Brogan and CMM whom you might know eventhough you were not hanging at Fernhill like some of your buddies-Joe D'Angelo and Bob Terranova.Enjoy Labor Day with your family and wash down the food with a few pints.               Bruce S.

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