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Aug 24 12 5:14 PM

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Dear G-town friends,
You may not agree but up here in the mountains it has been a nice summer compared to past ones since we retired. The nights go down into the 50's and the days have not been more than 79 tops. Off mountain it gets hot up to 82 or so. We have been blessed. Good weather means more tourists and a better economy. Mountain folk like to work. Like the rest of Americans.......they have families, car payments and home loans. My observation? Since 911 the switch from Philly farm teams to Yankee farm teams and New York stlye baseball and football. Even our cable TV "Metrocaste" has gone to New York. No phillies hats, Eagles hats or T-shirts. A huge turn around. Love you all, Your Pocono contact, Jimmy Breen, former East Seymour Street. The old days.

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Aug 25 12 6:33 AM

Jimmy Breen, Where in the Pocono's do you live ? We have a vacation house in Indian Mt.Lakes in the western Pocono's,near the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond.We have been there since 1971.The weather in the Pocono's can't be beat,but the landscape sure has changed with development and it's related problems,including crime.Kind of ironic because it almost mirrows what happened in our beloved Germantown. My wife and I are avid skiers;thus,we spend about two/thirds of the winter skiing at Camelback.We both love winter and the beauty that comes with it. Being a snow lover,the Pocono's is the place to be in wintertime. Paul Borian,the Wayne Ave. kid

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Aug 25 12 10:27 AM

Happy Hollowers,
                             I read with interest   that Tom Razzano of The Hollow will be doing a body of work on the famous North coach,Jack Friel.  Old timers like Frank Klock and John Payne will remember that Coach  Friel suspended his players when they were hanging out during school-time at a joint near Kensington&Torresdale-not far from North. However, The JV team won the game in playoff competition. I had gone to SFA with Jim Razzano[RIP] and Joe Razzano and Tom Razzano had attended The Hollow Reunion at Scoogi's, a few years ago. I hope that The Razzano Brothers,Joe and Tom,will attend The Germantown Reunion at Michelangelo's on September 8. It would be great that Dom Raffaele of The Hollow attend this event siince he is a cousin of The Razzano Brothers. Jack Friel was a great coach for North and I would go to North vs CD when Bob Harrington,a friend, was coaching Cardinal Dougherty. After the game, we would have a few beverages. Jack Friel also competed against the great Prep-coach,Speedy Morris, who had coached at Roman when Jack Friel coached at North. Back in the day, Brother Ken and I hung out in The Blue Bell Inn in Montco where Jack Friel was The Maitre D'. One evening, Ken was with his wife and in-laws at The Blue Bell when Jack Friel showed his abundant largesse when he broght a bottle of wine over to the table-a very nice gesture. I had a similar experience at The Blue Bell when I drank one night, courtesy of the house. Paul Borian,The great Pocono Skier, always nuts me about me being a reserved Prepper and pedantic with my vocabulary. However,one evening at The Blue Bell, I was neither reserved and my vocabulary was lacking- I did take public-transportation to school in North Philly. I was having a taste at the bar with larry White,the former All-Catholic Basketball and Football Player from Tommy Moore. John Fleming might be surprised but we were talking about Jack Ramsay's 3-1-1 Zone Press which The Hawks used to beat Nova with their superior talent-it was amazing how knowledge of the game, would win over greater talent. Everything was cool until these 2 dudes get in an argument over 10 buks on the bar-this was the 80's. One guy barks out,"Let's Take It To The Streets"- This was The Burbs and they headed for the parking-lot. Chuck Bolger,the bartender, asks  me,a reserved-Prepper,and Larry White,an old Jock and door-man at Brennan's to help break up this problem since this was The Blue Bell a venue for civilized people. Larry grabs one guy and I hold the other dude who was a sports-accountant-for a lad who studied latin for 4 years at The Prep, I was not thinking straight and I was not impacted by alcohol.  The Bookie tells me it is over and he he heads to his Porsche and pulls out an equalizer.Larry was a wide-receiver for Miami U and had great speed, I am blogging today and I did not get shot. We go inside The Blue Bell and Chuck The Bartender jokes,"Stuff Happens and Go Top-Shelf Boys". Is it any wonder that I only drink "Vino". Let's have to a toast to Jack Friel and Tom Razzano- two great teachers from North Catholic.
                                                                                      J. Bruce Schmitt- Reserved Prepper  

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