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Aug 23 12 12:51 PM

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John Fleming and Kevin McKernan:  Gentleman, I am pleased to inform you that due to progress, the Patton statue has been moved from in front of the OLD library.  A new library has been built and the old one has been linked with Bartlett Hall to form a newly modernized science building for the cadets.

As for Patton not using the library---granted, he was not the best of students.  In fact, after failing math, he had to retest to get back into the academy and after passing the test he was readmitted but recycled to the next class behind his (1909).  I had the pleasure of rooming my Plebe year (Freshman) with the grandson of a general who tutored Patton in Math while they were both cadets WAY back in the day.

Regards, GI Joe P, LaSalle High, '65, West Point, '71, LaSalle University, '89

PS  The academy term for left-back or recycled to the next class is called "turned-back".

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Aug 23 12 1:19 PM

Joe P: Thank you for the update on the Patton statue. It's good to know that Patten's academic record was even less stellar than those of General Custer and John McCain's. I've read that Patton, being quite old at the start of WW11, was dreadfully afraid he would miss out playing any roll. He seemed convinced that Destiny had placed him here, during this time, to play an important role. You know, he was correct. RIP. Kevin

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Aug 23 12 1:39 PM

It should be noted that while Eisenhower ended up in the top half of his class, even though he wasn't all that academically motivated.

Halsey earned his Naval Aviator's Wings at age 52 and was 59 at the beginning of WWII.

MacArthur graduated at the top of his class at West Point, and was 61 at the beginning of WWII.

John Fleming Florida's favorite uncle Uncle Johnny

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