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Aug 9 12 5:46 AM

Happy to hear that Ken is rehabbing well and on his way to be reserved like you,after all these years.Then again,there is no way he can match your reserveness.Tell him that the Bor wishes a speedy recovery from his accident.
A long time ago,I made the decision that baseball was the most important thing in life.Consequently,all the cultural things in life escaped me.Give me a bat,a glove,and a ball,and to hell with everthing else.Times change,but to this day,I don't know the first thing about art.I'm too busy checking out the box scores.
Doing my best to forget about baseball this year since my beloved Red Soxs (my first love ) and Phillies are in last place.Perhaps it is time for an art lesson?(I don't think so).
The Birthday Boy...I'm 74 today,feel like 47,but still acting like one of the Boys of the Hollow back in the 50's and 60's.

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Aug 9 12 7:54 AM

Paul Borian,
                    I wish you," A Happy Birthday,"-I can't believe all the years that have gone bye, since Tom Cusack,Bonnie Gatto,and I saw those space shots that you hit at The Hollow and Fernhill. Goo Guarinello,Mr. Happy Hollow, saw you help Villanova win baseball games at Villanova Field with your clutch hitting-you loved those hanging curves-especially from right-hand pitchers and you made it look so easy. You are diplaying humility when you discuss art. Your son is an artist and you were smart enough not to discourage him and steer him for your first love-baseball. I would like to invite You and Fran for a birthday-lunch at Rat's which is located at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton NJ. We could sit in the patio with a view of a lily-pond which is a replica of Monet's Garden and Bridge in Giverny, France. I appreciate your support for Ken who left re-hab yesterday-he told me that he developed his toughness growing up in Germantown. I love Brother Ken but he is a character-a piece of work if you will. I drove him from The Re-hab in Lansdale and he tells me that his new beverage will be," An Arnold Palmer"-Ice Tea and Lemonade",I say to myself,"OK". We were near A Mall and he stops in a shop to buy golf clubs, I was not reserved and used some of Goo's colorful language. He retorts," Just call me,Arnold Palmer since I'm drinking his beverage and these clubs are my canes and if these motor scooters want to jump a senior citizen, they will be making a fudging mistake since I have expertise with a cue stick and this club will be my cane and new cue stick-Bor! Can I Make This Up? He will  behanging out with Prep Lawyers in Center City and he told me that life will be good and with your street-smarts, you know what I mean. Bor! Thanks for your support and we will have a civilized lunch- JBS is no BS Artist.     Schmitty

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#45 [url]

Aug 9 12 8:25 AM

Cheese and Rice Boar! You're getting as old as some of those Old Testament biblical characters. Bet your hitting arm couldn't take 74 birthday punches these days. Ja? Many happy returns and best wishes that your hammer is still hanging well. Is it snowing yet? Kevin

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#46 [url]

Aug 9 12 12:41 PM

The Californian Kid[Kevin]-
                                          Bor did some pitching in high school until my neighbor,Herb Adderly,had a walk-off shot to deep center to win  The Public League Championship for Northeast against Germantown High. It is ironic that Herb played for Northeast since he lived in Germantown and had attended Fitler,Knox&Seymore, with Bor[Paul]. The SFA kids did not want to mess around with those 2 dudes in The Fitler  School-yard but they did so at later dates. I was fairly reserved,and I only played softball in the Fitler Shool-yard. Herb Adderly,in my opinion,was the greatest athlete to come out of Germantown and Philly. I told Brother Ken,that Bor had played against Herb and Ken liked Bor's stories about his participation in Public League Sports-especially against The Kats from Simon Gratz. Kevin! I hope the weather is better in Beautiful Santa Barbara than The East Coast-it is even hot at The Jersey Shore.

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#47 [url]

Aug 9 12 1:57 PM

“Herb Adderly,in my opinion,was the greatest athlete to come out of Germantown and Philly.”

Out of Germantown, sure most likely, but all of Philly? I would bring up the name of Wilt Chamberlain, as being the greatest athlete of all time from anywhere. He was so dominate as player, from the first time he played for the Warriors. No player could rack up the points or play defense like he did. I was lucky enough to see him play in his rookie year, along side other Philly greats: Paul Arizin, Tommy Gola, and Guy Rodgers. Also that year, I saw CD play Overbrook in a preseason game, that featured Wali (Wally) Jones, Wayne Hightower and Walt Hazzard! It was a great time to be a basketball fan in Philly.

*Where is Ted Silary, now that we need him?

John Fleming Florida's favorite uncle Uncle Johnny

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#48 [url]

Aug 9 12 4:32 PM

A guy I went to La Salle with was a great friend of Gola's. I drove over to Incarnation on Sunday morning one time hoping to see Gola come out of mass. Word was he went to the 10:15. He wasn't there. Bill DeMarco, the guy from La Salle called me one time. "Hey, Jack, I'm sitting at (he told me the name of the bar. It was on Belfield Avenue and Logan Street I think) with a guy you'd really like to meet." I wasn't doing anything so I fired up the 56' Plymouth Savoy Six and drove over. Billy DeMarco was sitting at a table inside the bar and with Tom Gola. I was speechless. Tom Gola. The only thing I remember of the lunch was Gola's story about Eddie Gotlieb. Gola said Gotlieb told the Warrior's coach he wasn't going to pay one cent more that $7,500 for a guard for the next year. The Warriors signed Al Attles out of the Eastern League for $7500. Gola was making big money. $25, 000. Also, I saw Herb Adderly play football, basketball, track and baseball. I never saw anybody anywhere near him in athletic ability, drive and creativity. I saw him long jump 22 feet in baseball spikes after a baseball game. Nobody was like Herb. Jack Brogan

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#49 [url]

Aug 9 12 5:25 PM

Thank you kevin,Schmitty,Bonnie,and Tom for the birthday wishes.I celebrated my birthday spreading wood chips in the back of my yard for five hours in high heat and humidity.That was a dumb thing to do because I am still having muscle cramps all over my body.From past experience,I will awaken in the middle of the night with incredibile,painful muscle cramps on my legs,and yell at the top of my lungs,F- - -.
By the way Kevin,my hammer is at half mast.
This old man keeps getter dumber as he ages.

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#50 [url]

Aug 9 12 5:51 PM

Did you know that Herb Adderly was a student at Germantown High School for a couple weeks.He tried out for our basketball team in mid-season,but our basketball coach had a policy for first year players to play JV.Are you kidding me ? He was better than any player on the varsity.He went to Northeast and was All-Public in basketball,football,and baseball.
The following year,we played a game against Wilt and his Overbrook teamates.Wilt only scored 16 points,and Overbrook did not break 100 points against us.Wilt only took 8 shots,made 7,plus a couple free throws.Wilt decided to put on a show  for Phog Allen,who was in our match box gym to watch Wilt play for the first time.Wilt was leading fast breaks,dribbling behind his back,etc.etc.He did play one year for Allen at Kansas Univ.before joining the Globetrotters,and the Warriors.
Paul Borian

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#51 [url]

Aug 9 12 5:57 PM

John Fleming,
                      I am not some arrogant art-collector who thinks he knows something about sports because I saw Joe Brown's sports-figures in front of Citizens Bank. I can only tell you Herb Adderly was awesome in that he was All-Public in Football,Baseball,Basketball,and a track-star. Jack Brogan is very qualified to analyze basketball talent and he will tell you that Herb was The Man under the boards and simply great. He was the greatest NFL Safety in The Game. Paul Borian played against Herb Adderly when he played football,basketball,and baseball for GHS. Bor will tell you that Herb was the greatest and he played against Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest basketball player and Sonny Hill,a pundit and player, would agree The Dipper was the best. In your youth, I surmise that you were a connoisseur of women,and if sexual-conquests are a sport, Chamberlain would be the champion since he had 20,000 women. He surpassed The Kennedy Brothers combined and that is no mean fete. His gargantuan triumphs must have killed him since The Dipper died fairly young. The Dipper did bed a lot of movie-stars and they must have wanted to put their shoes under the bed of a big basketball player who scored 100 points in a game. Back in the day, I talked to Bob Vetrone,Buck The Bartender,and he would be in Wilt's house in LA when Kim Novak would call him and he did not go over her house to eat her choclate-cake. You are highly intelligent,and one of the great graduates of CD but I am more commensurate with your taste in sculpture than your choice of the greatest Philadelphia Athlete. You seem to have good rapport with The Old Hollow Jock,Bor Borian. When I was a young lad, Bor could really hit the stuffings out of a baseball and he really had a second love-poker. He spent a lot of time playing poker at The Hollow which could have been devoted to working on his swing in front of a mirror or spending time in a batting cage. I am not saying that he would have been "Ted Williams" but he might have been the best hitter to come out of Philly-better than Del Ennis. You are probaly thinking that I am arrogant with that opinion but you thought Wilt was the greatest athlete from Philly-Brother! That is why there is choclate and strawberry.
                                                                                    John Bruce Schmitt- Pulaski-town

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#52 [url]

Aug 9 12 6:39 PM

Ah a Wilt Chamberlain/Herb Adderly “who is better debate?”. I will start off by saying that only a complete fool would in any way try to diminish the skills of Adderly. Being the gentleman that I am, I would even go so far, with a maybe, how Mr. Adderly excelled in more sports then Chamberlain. It is my opinion, that in their given sports, Adderly/football and Chamberlain/basketball, that Chamberlain was the more dominate player. From day one when he entered the NBA, he became a game changer, because of his style of play. How many players could play the full 48 minutes for years and never foul out?

Chamberlain holds 71 NBA records, 62 by himself.[7] Among his records are several that are considered unbreakable, such as averaging 22.9 rebounds for a career or 50.4 points per game in a season, scoring 100 points or 55 rebounds in a single game, scoring 65 or more points 15 times, 50 or more points 118 times.[6][8] During Chamberlain's time, defensive statistics like blocks and steals had not been recorded yet. However, according to Jack Ramsay, "Harvey said he used to tell one of his statisticians to keep track of Wilt's blocks in big games...One night, they got up to 25".[9]

I rest my case!

John Fleming Florida's favorite uncle Uncle Johnny

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#53 [url]

Aug 9 12 6:41 PM

Fran and I will take you up on your offer for lunch after the labor day weekend.She is familiar with the restuarant that you suggested.I plan to bring some comic books to read while you and Fran discuss art,scupltures,and all those cultural things.I will also bring my dictionary to look up all those big words that you use when writing and speaking.
Good luck with your attempt to convert Ken into a reserved guy like you.

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#54 [url]

Aug 9 12 7:04 PM

Schmitty ,

Interesting you make mention of Hamilton New Jersey, as my wife lived there for many years. Actually Hamilton Square! Small world. I just love it when people become part of sidewalk art. Very creative it you ask me.

John Fleming Florida's favorite uncle Uncle Johnny

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#55 [url]

Aug 9 12 7:23 PM

Interesting, that it was mentioned Kim Novak's friendship with Chamberlain. Early in her career, she was linked with Sammy Davis Jr, but it was suggested that she break it off, if she wanted to continue her career. Seems like Kim, liked her men in all sizes.

John Fleming Florida's favorite uncle Uncle Johnny

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#56 [url]

Aug 9 12 10:31 PM

Some interesting stories on my man, "Wilt the Stilt" Chamberlain among today's posts. Here is my own tale,  and I swear on the lives of the little folks that live in the Whissy, and survive on week old Bond bread, for its veracity.  I met the Big Dipper during the mid-seventies, after his career in basketball had ended.  Maybe in an effort to stay in shape and to meet girls, he started playing beach volleyball down on Venice Beach, CA.  He was pretty good and the magazine owner I was working for at the time wooed him up to Santa Barbara to sign with the newly created professional Volleyball League.  According to a Mafia type character (Stefano), hired to keep an eye on "Goliath," most of the aforementioned womanizing stories are correct, although nobody was taken the claim of 20,000 woman seriously--"a bit of braggadocio," according to Stephano. After an amazing demonstration game against a gold medal visiting Russian team at our local University of Calif. @ Santa Barbara, I took a friend outside to meet him.  Too late!  He was in the process of driving away along with two beautiful cheerleaders in one of the last and craziest memories I have of him.  He was in a VW bug, backseat removed and three feet of himself sticking out the sunroof.  All I could see in the dark parking lot were his white teeth as he waived from this ridiculous little bumper-car.  I doubt he was planning on driving back to LA like that.  Did I mention he had very, very big teeth.  Everything about this Philadelphian was BIG.
Kevin McKernan

Kevin Mc Kernan

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#57 [url]

Aug 10 12 7:04 AM

Tes: WE lived in Seminole Hall ;but I'm think you may have met my cousin Betty Anne,who also live there a couple doors down.Her nickname was MickeyShe was a brunette.My sister's name is Peggy A blonde.My cousin Billy attended St; Vincents;but did'nt become a priest/ I'm not the same guy that you are reffering to;maybe one of my distant cousins also from Germantown.Also my grandfather was married a couple of times and had around 17 children.Could be one of them.Red hair did run in our family though my sister and I are blonde.My father had red hair .Many of my cousin You are probably thinking of my cousin Betty Ann who lived a couple doors down from us in Seminole Hall ,a brunette.My sister is a blonde named Peggy.

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#59 [url]

Aug 10 12 8:51 AM

Tom Cusack,
                     Cueball! It's great to see you posting again and to  send Paul Borian, a  birthday-greeting. It was sad to hear that your old SFA Classmate,Billy Kelly, had passed away. I was a grade behind you and Billy and I thought he was a great player and shooter. I was shocked that Billy had beaten Goo Guarinello in a shooting contest-it was only for fun,LOL. You had a decent game and you did not mind passing the ball and there were some outstanding b-ball players in that 1954 SFA Class. You are an expert on Philadelphia Sports and High-School and College also. I knew Herb Adderly and Leroy Kelly and I thought that Herb Adderly was a better High-School Athlete than Wilt or The Dipper  since he played 4 sports. Bo Roberson,Bartram, Cornell,and The NFL, was also All -Public Basketball when Chamberlain was All-Public at Overbrook in his sophmore-year. You are so knowledgeable about sports and I wonder what your take is on this topic? These two 1962 CD Guys,John Fleming and Kevin Mckernan, are big Chamberlain Fans and I agree that he is the greatest basketball player from Philly but I think that Herb and Bo[Irwin] Roberson excelled in 4 sports- Bo was in The Olympics. I think Sonny Hill,Mr. Basketball, might agree with me and I wish that Ted Silary[Daily News] was posting on The Forum. Yesterday, I had lunch with a Prepper whose Best Man at his wedding was a LaSalle Explorer-Tom Cueball Cusack,Knox&Logan. Paul Borian nuts me about my pedantic vocabulary but you shoud have been with Pat McILhinney,a Math Major,and another Prepper,Gene Zyb,a Physics Major at lunch in Marlton, not that far from your home. The conversation was rather deep-Climate Control,Politics,Infrastructure,and investing in our golden years. Pat Mc wants you to arrange a lunch-meeting so that we can talk about Fernhill and all the ladies with whom you danced in your long life. You can even talk about Wilt Chamberlain,Tom Gola,and your neighbor,Robert "Goo" Guarinello". Cueball! Keep posting and dancing-"Let The Good Times Roll and You Can Leave Your Hat On"-Joe Cocker.           J. Bruce Schmitt-Philly

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#60 [url]

Aug 11 12 7:00 AM

Bor; i'm late to the party with b'day wishes; do remember a little guy with glasses pitching bp for on the lower field at Fernhill. i also am a leo hope to see u on the hill at BB.& i am ??

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