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Oct 14 14 8:18 PM

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Does anyone remember back to 1966 and the building on 22 W Chelten Ave.  It sits between the phone building and a bank.  I'm wondering what it was in 1966.  Now it's a furniture unlimited.


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Oct 21 14 10:09 PM

Craig:  Interesting question you asked:  What occupied the building between the bank and the Bell Telephone Company back in 1966?  I walked past that location hundreds of times, but not since 1962 when I left for the service.  During my time in that area I recall a bakery and ever changing shoe and other stores.  But I wouldn't put money on what was there in 1966.  BTW, according to a quick Google search, the address on that building appears to be 25 West Chelten Ave, not 22.  If you really, positively need to know and have the time and patience to do a Public Record Search, I'm sure you'll find the answer to your question.  Or, you could pay 14.95 for a private search.  Good Luck!

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