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Final Catherine Manning Muir update

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Sep 24 14 8:21 PM

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I regret to inform you that our old friend and blogger on this site, Catherine Manning Muir, passed away on Sept. 23rd in Australia from her battle with brain cancer.  Her faithful husband John said:  "she fought a long hard struggle (she was no quitter), but succumbed peacefully and wasn't in any pain." I first encountered this force called Cathy on this web site several years back, and found her to be an intelligent, feisty and articulate writer.  As a writer,  I'm so happy she was able to see her book published before being struck down by this hideous disease, but sadly, the new home she and john moved into and the old age they planned together will not be.  A pox on all cancers!  God only knows how many other quality book ideas she took to her grave.  Adios, Cathy.  RIP.  And may peace be with your husband, children and friends.  I am so very proud you were a Germantowner.
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Sep 27 14 11:05 AM

The Germantown Girl

Thank you Kevin for the information about Catherine. She was one of the key inputer’s of the Germantown site. In our own walk thru life we come in contact with many interesting people who impart into our psychic: words or stories or ideas that we carry with us the rest of our life and at various times they surface. In my case I know that because of Catherine, when I think of different things around Germantown my mind will think back to Catherine. My prayers are with her and her family during these days.Jack McHugh 

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