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Feb 13 14 10:25 PM

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Do you recall the first Valentine's Day card you sent?  Received?  We all made them in school, under the skillful direction of our nuns at St Vincent's.  I came across the first one I sent my favorite girl at that time, (Mom) while helping to clean out her home after she passed.  My mother saved every thing her children gave her, down to the smallest notes.  And there, among dozens of albums,  was my first Valentine card to her.   It was probably made in Kindergarten or the first grade: done on red crepe paper in the shape of a heart, I was proclaiming my love in crooked printed letters in one of those "Roses are red, violets are blue..." poems.  It made me smile.  The printing was so small and childish and near illegible.  But I had signed my first name in large letters--just in case she didn't know who sent it--and then sealed it with a kiss.  Happy Valentine's Day to all you old Germantown lovers still out there.
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