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Jan 31 14 5:26 PM

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Hi Jim, it's been a year since you sent me an email about the web site and what you had been doing to help it along. I wanted to send an email back to you but it did not work so I wanted to thank you and say that your reasons were right as to what happen to the site. Interesting point is that there are still many people that check it out just to read and that's great. Jack McHugh

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Feb 4 14 5:52 PM

2 Different Perspectives

On the corner of Wissahickon at SchoolHouse  La. there are a few tennis courts and here you find a little stone wall on the Wissahickon side. When I was 4 years old I was walking passed here with my mother and seeing the wall I just had to walk along on top of it. Now I remember that I was very scared when the elevation to the wall started to increase. At that point I asked my mother to hold my hand, which she did but I was still very scared, so much so that I recall the feeling to this day, but I did make it to the end. Thru the years I’ve passed that spot walking or on my bike or in a car hundreds of times but never really looked at the wall.   About 20 years ago I was walking past the wall and looking at it for the first time since I was small, I could not believe it’s size. Starting at the low end it was about 2 inches high and the far end about 2 feet high. So it is with everything---it’s not what we knew.

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