Oct 30 13 12:01 PM

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They'll be coming to your house tomorrow night,  little munchkins,  begging for treats or threatening tricks.  Many will look scary, dressed up like Vampires, Frankenstein or some variation of Wolfman, but they aren't.  It's hard to scare anyone when they are expecting to be frightened.  It's always the unexpected that gets people running.  Like running through a cemetery late at night,  with a sheet over you--that used to do it for me.  One could clear a neighborhood with that routine. Back in the sixties when I was older and should have been wiser, I purchased for a Halloween party one of those ghoulish, rubber masks that resembled the character that introduced "Tales from the Crypt"--very creepy!  Driving back from the store with a friend, I put it on at a stop sign, turned my head towards the car next to me with a young girl in it, and when our eyes met,  she screamed and took off, it was such an unexpected shock.  My friend and I were laughing so hard the folks behind us had to beep their horns to get us moving.  It should have ended there, but no, my buddy who always carried things too far,  wanted to borrow the mask and scare his new wife with it.  I wanted no part of that scene and went home.  He went to his backyard, put the mask on in the dark and scratched on the bedroom window where his wife was preparing to turn-in. One peek at that face peering in the window freaked her out.  She called the police, who arrested her husband and put him in jail for the night.  She refused to bail him out until he grew up.  I lost a lot of my water when I heard this account...Happy Halloween!  Please don't scare your loved ones...too much.