Sep 21 13 10:35 AM

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Not everyone left old Germantown; and not everyone has changed.  Evidence of this has recently reached my ears concerning a fist fight-- O' where is our old pugilist poster, JBS, one that appreciated a sharp left jab and a short, quick upper-cut? His fight commentary was superior to Howard Cosell's.  And, I'm sure, he would be pleased to know a few of the old gang still duke it out with their fists and not with  knives and guns.  You remember how many of those fights started: "Hey! are you looking at me?"  "Do you know who I am?"  *POW!  This is probably the scenario that took place recently at a Wa-Wa station between a very fit 38 yr. old, very tall Marine and one of our own: Jo-Jo Rizzo out of old Cowtown.  Now Jo-Jo, at 65years of age and short is no slacker.  He pumps iron daily and still looks good, still puts on stylist duds and makes his way up the Roosevelt Blvd. on a Sat. night to dance to the oldies but goodies.  I'm told he never sits, dances to every number with the most attractive woman available.  In this respect, he's much like his two older brothers Johnny (Leach) and Benny Rizzo.  Needless to say, Jo-Jo went all Germantown on this surprised Marine and beat him to within an inch of his life.  No one was more shocked than Mr Semper Fi.Having initiated the fight, the embarrassed Marine slinked away and didn't want anything more to do with this old Germantowner.  No charges were filled.