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Aug 17 13 12:37 PM

Cooties:  If you are reading this, I will assume you survived the great "Cooties epidemic" of the early 1950s that swept old Germantown and St Vincent's in particular.  My entire class succumbed to this pest, aka:  head lice and that dirty louse.  For some unknown reason, the girls, with their longer hair got blamed for it.  Personally, I thought it had more to do with the coat racks that were outside our classrooms where wet clothing, many with fur  collars, were packed and stuffed on top of one and other, with wet galoshes underneath.  This made the perfect breeding ground for the spread of this pest. 
Back in the day, we had a school nurse that knew three things:  vaccinations, aspirins and cootie detection.  She could go through your hair better and faster than a monkey picking grubs out of another monkey's hair.  For weeks we were instructed to lay down paper, preferably white, and comb out our hair with a small, strong comb after shampooing with some awful stuff we purchased at Sun Ray Drugs.  Just when we thought we had it under control, another wave of infestation would occur and we had to repeat the treatment all over again...for weeks!  
It helped to have short hair, and my father zeroed in on this fact to cut our hair as short as his miserably maintained clippers would permit.  We were skin-heads before that style became popular.  It was really embarrassing as we got older, and we were no longer buying his explanation and justification that "You'll be so much cooler during the summer".  Forgetaboutthat!

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Kevin Mc Kernan

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Aug 19 13 4:47 PM

Magnoliast--Hey, I also did box-watching at that rummage sale. I would tell the curious that my Mom had already gotten all the good stuff and they might as well go home. If it was raining, we had to rush home before the boxes got wet and melted. What an experience.

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Aug 21 13 7:17 PM

Ray--Is that 2014 Shelby Cobra the one that retails for approx. $97,000? If so, you just might be advertising on the wrong site. Good Luck finding a buyer, there's always one out there somewhere.

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Aug 22 13 3:18 PM

NO it has a msrp about 55.000. The salesmen sold my grandson on how good of an investment it would be down the road. His insurance in AZ. was 250 a monthHere it is between 400 and 500. He can not afford this car I just trying to see if there is any intest in this car. Looking to get 50,000 for it.Know anybody or clubs that might be interested.

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Aug 27 13 5:05 PM

A few weeks ago I came across several photos of the inside of this bar at Chelten Ave. and Greene St. I made a copy of one photo but later I went back to find the web site and I can’t even find it. I’ve never been in this bar but from the other photo you see that it was called “The Rustic Inn”. I do remember it from the outside because of the years I stood at the side of Allen’s waiting for the H or XH bus. Just across the street on the Greene St. side I remember the big sign that they had for the bar that said “Ladies Entrance”

In all my years there I never saw anyone use it.

Jack McHugh

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Sep 2 13 8:17 PM

Wow that was such a great old building  must have got torn down for the new library 
Now I know why there are historical preservation groups so many beautiful old buildings were just leveled to build parking lots 
Thanks for the pictures 

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Sep 3 13 11:35 PM

Jack:  Looking at the picture you posted.  Remembering having been in that building during the late 1950s with my mother--the curtain store--not the bar.  I'm sure my father passed over a little of his wealth in the "Rustic Inn Bar" while Mom shopped in Allen's.  I suppose installing a few panels of knotty-pine  qualified it as rustic, eh? And, I do recall and saw woman use "The Ladies Entrance".  But not for long.  Soon they were jacking up their skirts, lighting up a cig. and sitting at the bar, along with the big boys... and taking on their partner's bad habits.
I can hardly review those days without seeing rainy streets with the red and white bar neon signs reflected across wet pavements.  We had a lot of bars and churches in old Germantown.  Each neighborhood seemed to have its favorite watering-hole.  Some of those that stand out in this area were: Wolfman's, Madden's, The Idle Hour,  Sonny's, The Penguin and the Old Beef and Ale House on Wayne Ave. And, of course, there were all those 'private clubs' defeating paternalistic Sunday "Blue Laws".  A terrible thirst makes some men crazy.  Down Chelten Ave. the white bulb lights at the Whosoever Gospel Mission shouted out: "Jesus Saves" and gathered in many that lost their way in some of these saloons.  It was an interesting neighborhood, and I'm not surprised to find, after nearly fifty years, that some of the major buildings have survived, although in altered states: Allen's, Rowell's, Bell Telephone and Pat Page.  Too many of the others: Linton's, the Orpheum and the Colonial have joined the dustbin of history.

Kevin Mc Kernan

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