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Aug 28 12 8:19 PM

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Hi fellow germantowner's from the past.
I'am a Scalea Girl I agree it was a great neighborhood to grow up.
I miss all my old Friends and Family, Does Anyone remeber My 
Family bakery on Wakefeild and Ashmead streets? When i go thru the 
neighborhood i like to cry. But i'am glad we have our memories. Of the 
doghouse, the lyric movies, Youngs candy shoppe, Linton's rest. it was 
just a great place to live.

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Aug 29 12 4:34 AM

Scalea girl. Everyone loved your pizza pies! Please give us the recipe for the sauce.I think everyone from the old town feels like you about what has happened to it. But our memories are anchored in the beauty of what was.

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Aug 29 12 4:39 AM

Scalea Girl--Welcome to our Forum, where Germantown still exists in our virtual memory. It's still perfect! Everyday is a Friday night and school is out. Please feel free to share your memories like many of us shared your family's lovely pizza. Kevin

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Aug 29 12 6:55 AM

I remember driving over to the bakery on Friday nights. I still love the pizza and I know you can still get it somewhere in NE Philly. I have a relative who lives in Philly and whenever he comes to visit, he brings a pie with him and I savor every slice.

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