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Oct 7 14 7:44 PM

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Jack McHugh, I thought it was interesting that you worked for the Acme.  Both of my sisters checked there (Gtn. & Chelten store)) for several years, and I myself took the train down to their headquarters to apply for a position once--unsuccessfully--they told me they weren't hiring any more stinking philosophers.  I took that as a compliment and told them I wouldn't spread the word that they were putting ketchup in their hamburger to keep it red and fresh looking.  Do you remember how they would write the address on their bags for home delivery?  That was a very useful service for those that didn't drive, and at one time, this was the case for most of us back-in-the-day.  Of course if we weren't on top of it, our Breyer's ice cream would be a puddle on the porch if we arrived home late, and on a Friday night (shopping night) we were always late.  Good memories, Jack.   
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Oct 30 14 8:14 AM


Kevin, it is funny that I do remember when I first started at the ACME writing the name and address on the bags for deliveries but for the life of me I don’t recall who delivered.      Several years ago I was visiting Penna, at the house of a friend and he had an enlarged photo of himself when he was small sitting on one of the ponies that used to come around the neighborhoods----I had forgotten all about them but my guess is many a person had a picture taken in this pose. Something that is forgotten. I since found mine  Jack McHugh


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Oct 31 14 4:01 PM

It finally came to me who delivered the grocery bags at the ACME. We used to write the address on each bag and leave them behind us at the window---sometimes there were as many as 10 different orders to be taken out. There were a few local boys around 12-14 years but I don’t know if the manager paid them or if they just lived on the tips.Jack McHugh

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Nov 18 14 12:24 PM

Jack:  That's a great photo of you on your pony.  My oldest brother (Patrick) had one taken of himself in a similar pose, the rest of us brothers and sisters didn't have one taken.  I would love to have a picture of the old Italian man that frequented our neighborhood with the hand-cranked merry-go-round he had attached to his flatbed truck.  We wore him out going round and round while our childish squeals must have ruined his hearing.  Next to the ding-dong ice-cream man, he was our favorite...and he was cheap.

Our food purchases from the Acme were delivered by two fellows in their cars.  One of whom was that infamous Germantown character: Jimmy Flanaghan out of Rittenhouse St.  Jimmy was an early entrepreneur before I knew what that was.  He also delivered our Friday night case of beer (Rolling Rock), and as a Yo-Yo Champion, taught and awarded us kids badges for our skills, in the alley way next to Woolworth's every Saturday morning.  He had a way with words that earned him the nickname: "Old Crude and Rude."  May he RIP. 

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